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Malinda Worthington Hoopes

Photo Credit:
Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, PA

Malinda Marshall Hoopes, wife of Abner Hoopes, founded the Chester County Chapter, NSDAR. She held two pre-organization meetings in her home in December 1893, and she formed the chapter in January 1894 with twelve members. This was the minimum required for a new chapter.

Malinda Hoopes was born Malinda Marshall Worthington; she was the sixth child of Dr. Wilmer Worthington. Besides being a physician, her father served as a Pennsylvania State Senator.

Her patriot was Colonel Joseph C. McClellan (1747 – 1834); a Chester County native. McClellan descended from Presbyterian farmers who settled first in Middletown and then Sadsbury Twp. He has been described as a strict disciplinarian who could always be counted on when something important needed to get done. He volunteered for military service after a stirring call to action from the pulpit at the Upper Octorara Church in Parkesburg, where he is also buried. He was Captain in the 9th Pennsylvania regiment and fought alongside Lafayette during General Howe’s assault on Birmingham Hill at the Battle of Brandywine, where Lafayette saw his first major action in the American Revolution and was wounded. McClellan would become an aide-de-camp to Lafayette and according to Malinda the two became warm, personal friends. The inscription on the stone at the head of Joseph C. McClellan’s (1747 – 1834) grave says, “Here repose the remains of Joseph McClellan, born April 28, 1747, died October 14, 1834. An approved officer of the Revolution. An estimable and highly esteemed citizen. A sincere Christian. In life respected and venerated, in death lamented. In commemoration of his many virtues and public services this stone is erected by those who delight to cherish his memory.”

Mr. and Mrs. Hoopes lived along Maple Avenue in West Chester at that time, near the railroad, where Henderson High School is today. Later, they lived at 123 East Chestnut Street.

Malinda Hoopes was widowed in 1920. She died in August 1924. Both she and her husband are buried in Oaklands Cemetery in West Chester, Pennsylvania.


Photo Credits: Nancy Drummond, Sara Cass

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